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SPECTRUM XXI 2009, LONDON, October 12-17


Four extraordinary concerts evenings in London, featuring  the most exiting and experimental trends in spectral music in the interpretation of astonnishing virtuoso performers of the Hyperion Ensemble, The Bergersen String Quartet & Talea Ensemble conducted by Iancu Dumitrescu & Ana-Maria Avram

  1. Monday, OctOber 12 at 7.30 pm

(13, Theed Street  SE1 8ST London)

Hyperion Ensemble

Soloists : 

Elizabeth Weisser (viola), Alice TEYSSIER (flutes), Rane MOORE,  Tim HODGKINSON (clarinets), Gustavo AGUILAR, Alex LIPOWSKI (percussions), Corrado CANONICI (doublebass)

World and UK premières by Dumitrescu, Avram,  Diaz de Leon, Hodgkinson, Pape , Tsuda, Scelsi, Xenakis.

Conductors : Iancu DUMITRESCU, Ana-Maria AVRAM

  1. TUESDAY, OctOber 13 at 7.30 pm

Talea Ensemble (New York)

soloists :

Elizabeth WEISSER (viola), Anthony CHEUNG (piano), David REQUIRO (cello)

Bergersen String Quartet (London)

Romanian Spectral Music

  1. THURSDAY, OctOber 15 at 7.30 pm

Hyperion Ens.

Talea Ens.

Bergersen String Quartet

« DACH »

World premières  for ensemble and electronics by Dumitrescu, Avram, Cutler, Hodgkinson

(Tickets sold at the entrance at £5)

  1. SATURDAY, OctOber 17 at 7.00 pm

Jerwood Hall, LSO St Luke’s, UBS & LSO Music Education Centre

161 Old Street, London EC1V 9NG

World premières for large ensemble and electronics by Dumitrescu/Avram

Tickets £7 & £5 available at

Barbican Box Office

020 7638 8891 (9am-8pm Mon to Sat, 11am-8pm Sun, bkg fee) (reduced bkg fee)


”The music of Romanian composers Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana Maria Avram {is} often associated with the spectral school of composition, and while there is truth to the assertion, it does not begin to describe the perplexing, sensual and downright thrilling soundscapes (...)  While spectrality can imply dogmatic adherence to overtone exploration, for example, this music is ceaselessly non-compromising in its authoritative non-conformity, rendering terms such as improvisation and solo all but irrelevant. “    Marc  MEDWIN,  Dustedmagazine

Special thanks to  the LMC - London Musicians’ Collective,  Radio Resonance - London 104.4 FM,  Ed Baxter,  Ben Watson,  Andy Wilson.


David Requiro

Anthony Cheung

Alex Lipowski

Ana-Maria Avram

Ana-Maria Avram

Tim Hodgkinson

Hyperion Ensemble